DESOI AirPower S25-2C

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  • Big material passages - for highly viscous material
  • Easy maintenance and repair
  • No risk of injuries caused by the tension spring seal
Materiale in ingresso
  • 2C injection resin
Dati tecnici
Working pressure - infinitely variable 10 - 100 bar
Delivery rate max. 7.6 l/min
Air consumption 1 m³/min
Air pressure max. 8 bar
Transmission ratio 1:13
Air consumption and delivery rate at 100 bar back pressure (injection pressure)
Air consumption 75 l/min Delivery rate 0,5 l/min
Air consumption 133 l/min Delivery rate 1 l/min
Air consumption 283 l/min Delivery rate 2 l/min
Air consumption 391 l/min Delivery rate 3 l/min
Mixing ratio 1:1
Weight 20.2 kg
L x W x H 58 x 24 x 46 cm
Descrizione del prodotto
The pneumatic reciprocating pump DESOI AirPower S25-2C combines high capacity with compact design. Due to the directly mounted seals on the piston, retensioning is not necessary. The result is a very maintenance-friendly machine including suitable accessories.
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