DESOI PowerPump PREKO-220 GO

  • Gentle material transport
  • Big material passages
Materiale in ingresso
  • aqueous solution
  • injection mortar
  • cement paste
  • cement suspension
  • fine filler
  • 1C/ 2C sealing slurries
  • bitumen thick coating
  • DESOI Spiral Anchor Mortar
Dati tecnici
Supply 230 V
Motor power 0.55 kW
Working pressure - infinitely variable 1 - 8 bar
Delivery rate max. 8 l/min
Grain size max. 3 mm
Filling height 77 cm
Weight 57 kg
L x W x H - working position 88 x 64 x 104 cm
L x W x H - transport 88 x 64 x 77 cm
Descrizione del prodotto
The spraying device DESOI PowerPump PREKO-220 GO delivers the material gently between two discs. Therefore there are no valves. That is why even difficult processible and filled material can be used without any problems.
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